Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spread and Trapped: Ecstasy

I stood naked with my hands on my dresser. I could see him uncoiling the bullwhip behind me.   I shivered with fear/anticipation.  This was going to be my warm up.  

The whip licked all over me, from shoulders to calves, sometimes wrapping to the front of my thighs.  It stung but he didn't do it hard enough to cut skin.   Then the belt.  I was so eager for all of it!  
The misery stick as well came out to play.   

He stepped in close, kissed me and then pushed me down to suck his cock.  

By the time he got my arms strapped onto the spreader bar my cunt was dripping and ready.   I was on my elbows and knees on the floor.  He entered me from behind and after a few minutes I tried to raise up to my hands but he commanded "Head down!" and pushed my head onto the floor.   I stayed in position until he pulled out and stood up, when I was peering around behind me to see what he was doing.   Insatiably curious.  

He came back with another spreader bar, attached my ankles to it and resumed fucking me.  I stayed head down until I felt like I needed to reposition and then got up to my hands and knees.  He stopped again, telling me we were going to have to do something more drastic to fix this.  He pulled my arms back between my legs and fastened them to the same spreader bar as my ankles.    Now I had no choice but to press my face to the floor.

Ankles on the outside, wrists in the middle

Then he got out the whip.  

 I was spread and exposed and each painful mark of the short single tail reminded me that it could be worse.  He could be aiming it on my exposed butthole or cunt.  

And then the whip reached those tender bits, Gaaaaah! 

 I squealed and screamed.  He wanted me to be loud.  There was no one else home and there wouldn't be for hours.   I lost all sense of time.   He took me again, his with his hand on my collar, pulling it back to choke me, and then with his belt wrapped around my stomach to pull me in hard and deep on each thrust. It was so bloody marvelous.  I came over and over.

Eventually he took off the spreader bar and had me put in the buttplug, then resumed fucking me.    He also paused to take some pictures.  You can see the red marks.  

Already well fucked and not even close to done

When he was done and had come, he told me it was time for the serious beatings to begin.  He gathered up a handful of implements- two paddles- the small one and the long wavy one named Kris- the misery stick and a regular cane, and he tied me to the bed face down.   

Like I said, I lost all track of time, but he sung Christmas carols and this coupled with pain put me in an other worldly, heavenly, seriously subspaced, almost religious place of ecstasy.  Sometimes I sang along with him.  Keeping me tied by the wrists to the headboard, he turned me over to use the misery stick on my breasts.  And got out the magic wand vibrator.  I was still tied down, so he held it up against my clit and made me come repeatedly.   His hand was half inside me.  
After he untied me I guess I kind of passed out for an hour.   

It has been a VERY long time since we had quite this much fun.  Master and I have both missed it. 


  1. oh WOW! I am ENVIOUS for that much time alone and that amount of beatage! fabulous photos too

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