Monday, December 1, 2014

The Heat

Master's family came to visit for Thanksgiving, then right after they left on Saturday my mom got here.  She'd been down in Texas visiting her dad who is in the hospital (he's 94).   My dad was left home to take care of the animals. 

Things went just wonderfully, as we have some really nice, easy going family members.  The Thanksgiving dinner Master and I cooked together was just delicious.

 Master's family stayed in a hotel (because they weren't sure until the last minute if my mom would be in the guest room) so a few times they took the kids over to the pool there and Master and I stayed home.  We were generally too tired and too full to get up to anything kinky, but I did get a little spanking once as we watched a movie.

It was kind of cold in the house the whole time, although Master had turned the heat up a few degrees for our guests, who all come from south of here.   It was especially cold Sunday when we couldn't build a fire due to some gluing of the insulation rope Master had done on the woodstove that day.

 Sunday night the little kid was complaining that he never got to do anything he wanted, and my mom told him the same old thing we say,

"When you grow up, you can do just as you like in your own house."

Then she turned to me and asked if I ever did any of those things that I wanted to do as a kid but wasn't allowed. 

 I said "Like what?" because I couldn't really think of anything.

"Oh, like turn up the thermostat as high as you want in the winter." said my mom. 

 Master and I just looked at each other and started laughing.

Then he said "No, the thermostat is set at whatever I want it to be." 

Which is currently 60 at night and 65 during the day.   Changing the thermostat without permission is NOT one of my privileges. 

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