Monday, December 22, 2014

Air Tight

Only one was a real cock, though. 

Air tight = all the holes are filled. 

Well, not my nose, but the other three.  

That is what I was on Sunday, and it was FAN-tastic!

His cock in my mouth, the extra large vibrator (not the magic wand, but the big silver one) in my cunt and the butt plug in my ass, it is an amazing feeling.    

Plus he was caning me.   

Last night I asked him to hit me again, and this was after the afternoon session of a medium hard caning which left me sore but unwelted.  He put me over his knee and spanked me until I cried, more as an emotional release than anything else.   He also tortured me with some pressure points.  Just try pressing- hard- straight into a nipple. 


Then when I couldn't come on command he grabbed my throat, smacked me and pinned me up against the back of the couch. That'll do it.  :) 

He's so good to me. :) 



We had our Solstice Bonfire Saturday night. I sent my box of memories up with the smoke for my Grandpa.  People asked me how I was doing and I just couldn't answer.  Shhhh, I'm busy compartmentalizing!  I skipped on to another subject and then felt bad about that later.   But I really didn't want to bring the whole group down with my sadness.  I wanted to be happy, and I was.

The fire didn't want to light at first, as the air was pretty damp and Master was opposed to using an accelerant on there.  Eventually it did turn into a nice blaze though, one that burned all night and all the next day too, ensuring that the sun will come up again and winter will end eventually.    

We drank hot cocoa with schnapps or Cow Pie liqueur and ate a lot, and played Cards Against Humanity.    I had made praline candies and the kids made Rice Krispy treats with only a little supervision. 

 There were brats, which I couldn't find the toasting spears for (they got put away somewhere after camp).   Eh, microwave 'em, no problem!   Also, marshmallows were toasted in the fire, mostly for the kids.  I was too full of other food by then to have any.   

People that stayed overnight had breakfast pancakes and bacon cooked up in the morning. It was a lovely time. We are so blessed to have such dear friends.

This morning I'm tired, but I feel like I have never been more in love.   None of this would be possible without my Master. 

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