Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dirty Hot Sex

Good title, huh?

With all our guests gone, Master was very eager to use me last night.   He started by using my mouth, and caning me as I lay on my side next to him.  He was above me, fucking my mouth until I drooled.  He'd let me come every so often.  He kept threatening to come in my mouth and leave me horny and unsatisfied.  He made me beg for everything, fucking, ass sex, beating, and still threatened to come in my mouth and go right to sleep.  I could tell he was close.   I didn't know if he was being serious or playing with me, but I accepted it with the attitude that I'm his property and he can leave me horny if he wants, it is not up to me.  I did beg very earnestly though, since he liked to hear it.  "Please Master, beat me, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, come in my mouth."   

Well, which do you want?

Whatever you want, Master.

He caned me again, then tied my hands with the leather strap and let me ride him while buzzing away with my vibrator as he used the really short cane on my breasts.  It felt amazing, especially as he alternated between hitting them and then sawing back and forth with the stick, like playing a cello.  With my sore nipples as the strings.  I came when he told me too, for a long time, and really hard.  

Then he had me roll over and fucked my pussy from behind as he stuck first one, then two, fingers in my ass.   He told me to bite the pillow and be quiet.  I had my usual moment of panic as he started his entry into my ass, but then I bucked hard and his cock slid in.  It felt good for one second then he told me to come.  Everything tightened up in the ass region and I squeaked with sudden pain.  I had to bite the pillow (I was really chomping down on the poor thing until breathing was becoming difficult!) to keep from being really loud.  

When he began pumping me hard it felt really good again, and he told me to put a hand on myself.  When he came he commanded me to orgasm at the same time.  

"Happy Thanksgiving, slave" he told me afterward.  


  1. Now that was a hot Thanksgiving.


  2. What a fantastic way to celebrate being guest free!

  3. Sometimes the best part of Thanksgiving is not the turkey...
    hugs abby

  4. loved to read this… yummy

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