Tuesday, December 23, 2014

When You Want What You Don't Want

Or perhaps it is when you don't want what you want.

See, there is this thing that my Master wants to do.   He thinks it sounds hot.  He knows I think it sounds hot -- in fantasy.  But I still have all sorts of angst and worries about doing it in actuality.  Especially because he tells me he wants me to do it because he thinks I'll like it.  Because of all the things I do for him that he loves, he wants to do this thing for me.  

That I love in fantasy.  

That I'm REALLY not sure of loving in reality.   

Isn't that just a fucky mindfuck? 

When he puts it that way, like it is a gift for me, then I start having a different kind of angst.  An "Oh gee, thanks but no thanks, you really shouldn't have, really", sort of feeling.   

So I tell him that. 

And then he tells me I'm doing it no matter what.  HE thinks it will be hot.  And whose opinion counts here?  Oh. Yeah.

And it will be the easy way (eagerly) or the hard way (force).  

If I really hate it, I can red out in the middle.  Then he will ruthlessly mock me forever more (this is exactly what he said) for being unable to finish the scene.  I'm just stubborn enough, when faced with that choice, to keep going no matter what, and I'm pretty sure he knows that he has just taken away my choice with that.

As Admiral Akbar would say "It's a TRAP!" 

Also, either way it goes, it will provide him with much fodder for humiliation for eons to come. (Squeee!  Help!  Yay?) Which he is very much looking forward to doing.  

I'm sure this goes against all the rules of the internet Domly Doms, but he has these ways of getting me right where he wants me.


  1. You write these things just to kill me with curiosity, don't you?

    1. No, mostly because it is hard to say. He wants me to have a gang bang. Of course this depends on getting some bangers lined up , not just on me and him, so it isn't for sure. And wouldn't be until camp anyway. I think. It makes me squirmy to admit.

  2. I'm with Kaya. That was cruel in it's 'please tell me more'. And I guess I am thinking this might be a win/win for you. Force could be good in helping you avoid the red and subsequent ridicule. Either way, wish you the best and hopefully it will lead to a great blog post in the future.

  3. ksst has this hot fantasy about being forced to service a bunch of cocks. Big ones, little one, thick, fat ones, little skinny ones. All forced in her (un)willing mouth and cunt. She wants a dozen or more to suck and fuck. The people don't matter, just the cocks. In the end she wants to be covered with the cum of the dozen or more men she just got off, dripping off her chin and nipples.
    DM, master of ksst

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