Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Dance of Pain: KOTW

The Kink of the Week is dancing.  There are many ways I considered approaching this subject, from belly dancing, to dancing for fun with my Master (polka!), to doing a strip tease, but the one that stood out as most related to kink for me (no surprise here) is dancing in pain.

There is certain type of dance I do when the whipping or paddling gets intense.  When we are at a dungeon party with loud music it takes over my body, along with the overwhelming pain, and I start moving to the beat.  I get in a zone, a dancing subspace even, and I'm flying.  It is such a high.  I could be tied to a cross or just hanging on to it.  This also happens when we're at home and there's no music, or perhaps Master is singing along with beating me. I'm able to stand still at first, but when it gets very painful my feet start moving, and I'm hopping from one foot to the other, doing my little pain dance.

Sometimes Master has tortured me by putting nipple clamps on me and playing music (for example Dancing Queen), then ordering me to dance around the room.  It's very difficult to do and definitely qualifies as torture.  The more into moving and dancing I get the more it hurts.    

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  1. ahhh yes, I know all about that dance of pain and I know that it is a particular type of dancing that he enjoys inspiring in me


  2. Michael from Hamburg

    The idea with Dancing Queen is superp !
    Thanks ...

  3. Oh definitely, we have definitely chased and danced around rooms of our house as he's using evil hitty things on me :-)


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