Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday's Fun: Febphotos

Yesterday I enjoyed serving my Master by giving him a foot rub.  I was sitting on the floor as he played on the computer.  Eventually he told me to go put in the butt plug, then come back naked and continue to massage him.   I was rewarded by getting to suck his cock, and by being told to fetch the cutting board so he could paddle me.  He made a little video of some of this.   

He told me to bend over the kitchen counter and he took me hard.  With the butt plug making me all tight it hurt, and then hurt more when he began slamming in hard.  It was so good though, the hurting.  A good pain.  There was more paddling after that, and a lot more sucking.

He took me upstairs and flogged me until my back stung with it.  He tied my hands together and put the nipple clamps on upside down (so they twist around).  He had me bend forward further so as he flogged me my breasts swung and ached even more.   He put the chain in my hand so I was tugging on myself.  I didn't dare to let go, though it was very painful.  When he released the nipple clamps he told me to orgasm.  

Master fucked me on the floor, then took me into the bed.  He made me come over and over.  We finally collapsed under the sheets in exhausted tangled mess.

I'm still aching in parts today, which is a delightful reminder.  

A little peekaboo with one of the floggers he used!
Febraury Photofest


  1. Great peek a boo pick...think it is time for me to shop for a red flogger...Master's birthday is coming up...hugs abby

    1. We have gotten 4 of our floggers from here: and they are excellent. They will do any kind you want customized, or you can get one that's already made.

  2. Thanks, I have a bit of a nipple fetish so this pic is perfect!


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