Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pokemon and Chill

You know Netflix and chill?  Well, Master has invented "Pokemon and Chill".   

We went out yesterday afternoon to do some errands and also to go for a walk and catch Pokemon.  We didn't find any spectacular virtual monsters, but there was a lot of naked boob fondling in the car!  

When we got home it was dark.   He told me to get out and open the driveway gate for him, and he ordered me to take off my shirt and then put my coat back on without it as he drove through.  I got back in the car and he parked in the garage.  We were necking just like when we were teenagers!  There was more fondling, but no orgasms because he has put me back on restricted amounts of those.   There were none at all on Friday, and Saturday he said I could have one or maybe two if I was really good.  He did not encourage me to undo his pants, which I was hoping for, but instead told me to get dressed again and we went inside.  
 Later that night I waited for him on the floor of our room.  He came in and had me stand up.  He took a tiny leather strap from my dresser and used it to tie knots around my sensitive nipples and then tie them together.   My nipples are quite sore; I'm not sure if it was the smacking from a few days ago or just the time of the month.  I no longer have periods, thanks to the IUD, so I never really know what time of the month it is anyway.  

When he told me to get in bed I grabbed one of our absorbent blankets and he told me I wouldn't be needing that because he didn't intend to let me get all squirty/orgasm-y!

I lay on my side, nipples still tied together with the cord, and he let me suck him.  He lifted my leg in the air and spanked me hard on the thighs and ass.  This was so hot I had a very difficult time not coming right then.  He began finger fucking me, I still sucked as well as I could, and it was amazing.  My cunt was trying to pulse around his fingers, but my brain was saying wait, wait for the command.   He rolled me to my back and with his cock just brushing my lower lips in the most maddening way, he began fiddling with the nipple string again, tying it here and there, and then taking it off and using it to whip me.  

He rolled me back to one more session of cock sucking and then took me.  My brain was on fire with lust and wanting to come.  There wasn't the usual relief of small orgasms, so the big one was just building more need.  I imagined sending him some of my fire energy and he responded with harder and deeper thrusting.  

Finally when I didn't think I could hold back much longer he told me to come and I exploded.  

He told me what I needed to do to earn the second orgasm, which was easy enough.  Of course, I would have done it anyway just because he ordered, so I'm not sure why he put it that way, but I did as he wanted and got into 69 position.  I can't say it is one of my favorite things, but he enjoys it.  Then he had me on top riding him.  My cunt felt like it was gripping him and practically begging to come.  Finally he gave the order.  It started off slowly, but it was growing in intensity throughout.  He drew back his hand and gave my tit a terrific slap, and then another, and the other breast got it from the other side, over and over.  The whole time my orgasm was just going on and on and getting more powerful until I collapsed on his chest.    He turned me over and fucked me from behind until he came.  

He then fastened my leash to my collar, petted me and told me I was always his good slave.  


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  1. Great story, very hot.
    I wish I was able to make a woman effectively cum on command
    (Great pics in your other posts too BTW)


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