Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Day of School

First day of school coinciding with Master's day off?


I drove the kids to school on the first day while Master was still at work on the overnight shift.   Everyone made it to class ok, weighed down with at least 20 lbs of school supplies each.   

When I got home I started making a second breakfast for Master, and after an hour of not hearing anything I began to worry about him.   It was almost 9:30 when he got home, and I was nearly ready to send out a search along the roads by then.  But he'd just been really busy and unable to leave on time.  He did four surgeries and got no sleep at all.  

So the first order of business was that he ate and went to bed. 

I painted.  After 4 coats the kitchen wall is starting to look pretty nice.  I'm doing cream on top and red under the chair rail, and red doesn't cover very well.   The trim will be white.  There was much spackling first, due to the all the cracks and holes in the walls, so it has been a long process.  Not to mention the wallpaper.  Please do not mention the wallpaper.  Ugh.

Anyway, now that I'm totally sidetracked...

When Master woke up he asked me if the dildo was good and chilled in the freezer.  Oh no!  I forgot to put it in there, even after he reminded me.  So I went straight away to get it and freeze it, and he told me that just gave him more time to watch porn and have his cock sucked.

Which we did, for a long time, until the dildo was nice and frozen.  He also paddled my ass hard with the cutting board and large metal spatula (what else, when you are playing in the kitchen?).

He tied a rope harness on me and told me to go upstairs.  

When he got up there he had a cup full of ice and the dildo.  He sent me off to get the camera, and then he gave the cup to me and told me to kneel.

Yes it hurt, but only at first.  It warmed quickly and then had to go back in the ice cup for another freeze treatment. 

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  1. Great photo and great story! Thanks for sharing both!!


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