Thursday, September 14, 2017

Let's Do It

Some musical accompaniment for my blog: Let's Do It

Our good friends T. and W. came to visit because he (T.) was speaking at a local group.  They stopped by here to pick me up, then we went over to Dr P.'s house to pick him up, then on to the munch.  Master drove separately because he was working in the morning nearby there.   They were all introduced here: Cast of Characters.

Before anything started I selected a seat on a bar stool next to W. so I could chat with her.  We were behind and slightly to the side of the table T. was sitting at.  The other chairs and the small audience were all arranged in front of the table.  I sat quietly and listened, knowing that Master and T. had talked about me being one of the demo subjects for the first talk (knives).  I wasn't sure if I should stay in my seat of go sit with the rest of the audience.   Eventually Master arrived after getting out of work, and I slipped off my stool to join him at a table.  A few minutes later T. walked toward me purposefully with a long curved knife in hi hand.  He looked at Master and said "May I?" and Master said "Sure".  No one asked me, the slave, of course.

 It wasn't this exact knife, but it was close enough to this style.  Definitely wicked curved and scary looking.   He yanked my hair back firmly, exposing my throat.   The knife brushed my skin.  I closed my eyes.  He told me to open my mouth, which I did obediently, eyes widened as well as my mouth.  He tapped my teeth with the metal.  Who told him I hated dentistry?  Oh yeah, I did.  Tap, tap, tap. On. My. Teeth.  The sensation was indescribable.   Even when he stepped away the feeling on my teeth lingered.  

Later on he was discussing scene communication and told everyone that some day he'd like to play with me really hard, much longer and harder than we ever had before.   I have a lot of feelings about this!  Mostly excitement, but with a healthy dose of fear in there. 

They spent the night at our house, but there was no play all together because of our kids being here and Master not wanting to risk them discovering us.

The next day, Sunday, it was just Master and I and we had something of an all day sex-fest.  He was horny and frustrated at not having had a chance at W. (something that T. heavily encouraged).

Naked Gardening Happens

Pulling weeds in the heat of the sun, my cunt still sore from being used roughly earlier that warm Sunday morning, I crawled across the sandy soil, careful over the spiny pumpkin vines, plucking out the long grasses from among them.   Master worked several feet away from me in his own patch of weedy vines. 

"Pull up your shirt while you work so I can see your tits" he ordered.  I lifted my shirt, freeing them, since I hadn't put on a bra that day.  I attempted to tuck the shirt around in a knot so it would stay up even when I went back to crawling, but it would only stay for a short time and then I'd have to re-tuck it to give Master the view he wanted. 

After more minutes of weeding and me fussing with my shirt he told me to take it off completely.  I hung it on the garden fence.  The sun warming my back felt good.  I resumed my crawling.  The occasional brushes of breast against pumpkin vine did not feel so good, but I didn't say anything.  I was getting very aroused by the idea that Master was watching me (while not seeming to watch) as I worked topless.  

He came up to me, stood in front of me, and asked if I wanted a taste. Of course I did.

He unzipped his shorts and took out his cock. I eagerly took him in my mouth.  That didn't last long before he turned me around, told me to get on all fours and jerked at my shorts.  I helped slide them down in front.  His cock slid into my aching wet hole.  Soon he pulled me to stand up and ordered me to grab the corner post of the garden fence.  I gripped rough wood in both hands as he entered me again.

Master told me we were done gardening and if we wanted to fuck properly we should go up to the bedroom.   I rinsed my hands and knees before going up to him.  

In the bed, he took off the wrist strap I always wear and fastened it to both my wrists in its specially designed handcuff fashion. I was laid out in front of him on the bed with my cuffed wrists pinned above my head in his hand.  My body arched up to him with intense desire as he kissed me.  His cock brushed against me, but he didn't enter my cunt yet.

Instead, he took the leash from the bed post and began slapping my inner thighs and my pussy with it.  I arched up again, somehow trying to fuck the slapping leash.  The metal snap made me jump on each heavy impact, but I strained back toward it for more.

Finally, he came down on top of me with all his weight, entering me.  It was bliss.   

When he unfastened my hands he allowed me to ride on top of him.  I came many times- I have no idea how many. 
Master finished and we lay in a wet heap, soaked with sweat and sex fluids and ready for (another) shower.

And at bedtime he (again!) used my mouth while fingering me.  I got a salty treat.  I was good and sore the next day.


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