Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last Weekend

I barely did any blogs this week, only a snippet on Tuesday, and now the week is gone and there is so much to write it is hard to choose what to focus on.

Last weekend was the sheep herding trial, the first one I'd been to in 5 years, and I was really nervous about getting back into it. How would it be going back with a new dog? What if I didn't do well? What if people ask me questions about where I've been all this time?

Saturday morning I had to get up at 3:30 am to drive three hours and arrive at the trial on time. 

 Pepper answered that "what if" right off the bat, by being extremely bad about 3 seconds into her first run and we had to retire from the field.  However, nobody died, and I went back for another round in the afternoon.  This time, I was very strict with her, giving constant commands, not letting her have an inch, and she did great.  She got third place.

The next day we had two more runs, and I gave her a bit more freedom to work without being commanded down every few steps, and she did even better, getting a first and a second place, plus ribbons for Best Started Aussie.  And she won a weekend prize of $50, so that was nice.  The trials rarely offer money prizes, usually just ribbons.   

Even better, the camaraderie with old friends I haven't seen in years was excellent.  People I didn't even remember were coming up to me and saying my name right off the bat, although I did remember most of them after a few minutes.  It was very welcoming.  

On Sunday I volunteered to work, since I noticed a few less trial volunteers were there that day and extra help is always appreciated.  I ran the stop watch timer for one of the cattle trials (I hadn't entered cattle).   This is a fun job because you get to sit right next to the judge and hear all of his comments. 
I won some stuff!

 On Sunday I had also woken up at 3:30 am, even though I was at a motel five minutes from the trial and had no need to get up so early. That's what a case of nerves will do.  So it was a pretty long day, what with getting up early, working, trialing, being out all day in 90 degree heat with little shade, and then driving home three hours after that.   

I was pretty tired when I got home but Master had really missed me, which was sweet in theory, but in actuality I had a very hard time getting into a mood to appreciate his sexual attention.   I'd been so (temperature wise) hot both days, and I was still so dirty and sweaty, and our room was stiflingly hot.  

To tell the truth, I didn't feel like having sex.  Which is fine, my Master has the right to my body any time he wants, no matter my feelings.  And I was perfectly willing to be used, but it was dead obvious to him that I wasn't enjoying it.  He kept stopping to ask if I liked it and if I enjoyed it.  So my choices were tell the truth and make him unhappy, or lie, which I know is wrong. 

 I told him that I wasn't really enjoying it.  What I really needed was him to stop fussing at me and just take me forcefully. (And yes, I said exactly that out loud). It was the only thing that can press all the right buttons to take me from "Aahhhggg, let me out of here", which is where I was at that point, to "Oh, yeah".    He was just being too nice to me, too gentle, and then asking questions like that on top of it, when it was clear that I wasn't in the mood, was really, really putting me out of the mood.  

He did stop asking me questions, and started being violent with me, making whispered threats in my ear when I tried to fight back and push him away, holding me down with a hand around my neck.  Very shortly he had me eagerly fucking him back, and orgasming multiple times.  He enjoys it when I fight back a bit, put up a struggle.

It's all about the right buttons.  

We went downstairs after he came, and I had a piece of pizza from the fridge, a beer and a quick shower.   We watched a little TV, then he took me upstairs and caned me thoroughly before bed.

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