Friday, September 8, 2017

TMI Friday: Sexy Weekend Games

1. You are going to make a sexy weekend with your lover. Which one are you most likely to enjoy? Which of the activities is most likely to happen?

  a. Cook diner together b. Play a sexy game c. Take a bath together

C. Well, if a shower counts, because we never take baths.  We shower together frequently.
2. Will you watch porn this weekend? Alone or with someone?

Probably not.  I watched porn today though.
3. Sexy games–pick one you’d like to play? Why? a. Naked twister or b. Strip trivial pursuit

b. I'm going to choose stripping because I'm so not flexible I'm afraid I'd hurt myself or someone else playing Twister.  I will definitely lose at Trivial Pursuit because my Master is the Master of trivia also. 
3. Friday night you hit happy hour, you meet a super sexy woman/man and the two of you chat and laugh the night away. She/he leans into you and says, “You’re irresistible, can I touch your pussy/cock?’ What is your answer?

Oh no, that belongs to my Master.  It would only be OK if he allowed it.
4. What do you really have planned for the weekend?

We have an M/s couple who are friends of ours coming to visit and we are going to a munch/demo/lecture where the male half of the couple is presenting on knives and communication.  Yum!  Communicating with knives sounds sexy to me.  I'm not sure it will be like I imagine; it may be two separate topics.  Some slave-swapping is always a possibility but not guaranteed.
5. Does this TMI on a Friday have you changing your weekend plans?

I'm a little confused by TMI on a Friday, but since I did last week's TMI this week, it's just all higglty pigglty, isn't it?  All good though!  I haven't changed plans because of it.

Bonus: What you like to do on the weekend but never seem to get the chance?

Picnics and long walks. I always think they sound fun, but then something else comes up or the weather is bad.  We go for more walks than picnics. 

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