Tuesday, September 5, 2017

TMI Tuesday (A week late!)

1. Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a store?

Nope, never.

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex or have you been blindfolded during sex?

Frequently am I blindfolded or hooded.  I really enjoy that, as it sends me off into my own happy space even faster.  I think the only time I blindfolded my Master was last week and that wasn't a real blind fold.  He wanted me to tease and torment him while he was tied up, so after I tied his hands I threw a shirt over his face, just for fun. 

3. Who out there likes to be tied up for sex?

Being tied up for sex is only just my very favorite thing ever!  As above, my Master sometimes likes to be the tied up one too.

4. Shower sex…yea or nay? Why?

Yes, definitely.  It may not be the most comfortable but it is rather hot.  

5. Ever done a striptease for a lover?

Yes, I have often done this for my Master.  I also took belly dancing, so I can incorporate some dance moves into the the whole stripping thing.  I have also done it on a stage for a roomful of people.  Now that was hard! 

Bonus: What are you thinking?

I'm thinking about my bruises from Saturday.  There is something extra special about seeing one next to the "OWNED" tattoo I have.  I'm not sure what the bruise came from, but I know we had a great time.  

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