Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Unwashed

As he was fucking me, Master told me he wasn't going to let me wash before we went out for lunch and shopping later that afternoon.  He told me the people at the car oil change place we always go to would be able to smell sex on me.   I told him I would love to feel his come dripping down my thighs as we walked into a restaurant or around a shop.  He then told me he would be happy to spill a glass of water on my lap as a cover up if my wetness was getting out of hand. 

He did not let me wash my cunt before we went out, although I did wash other places.  He also did not let me wear panties.  I wore a long turquoise skirt and brown walking sandals.    I felt every breeze.

He also told me we were going to the car wash, and I told him that car washes are naughty places.  They are too. It ends with me sucking his cock as the bubbles slide over the car windows.

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