Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Had a Date!

 I could also say that Master lent me out for the day to a mutual friend for pretty much any purpose he desired.  Sort of like The Story of O and Sir Stephan if I want to make it all romantical.  But there is no permanent give-away happening.  It was the first time I have gone over there without my Master. 

He asked me to wear stockings.

We had a GREAT time.  We played, we talked, he cooked food, I brought dessert, then we played some more, and talked more, and played more.  I was sore and spacey afterwards, and had just a few hours to get home and get all my day's chores done, but I managed that successfully AND cooked a tasty pork loin roast for dinner, so I am kind proud of myself for that last bit.  When I really just wanted to collapse on my bed, instead I worked my dog, cleaned the yard, did laundry and made food.  

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