Sunday, September 3, 2017

KOTW Squirty Girl

Squirting is not a kink for me, but it could very well be for many men I know, including my Master.  Or, if not an actual kink, at least something he really enjoys.

 To me it just means more changes of clothes and more laundry.

I squirt, a lot, when I'm really having a good time.  I do remember the first time.   We were up in our bedroom, about 6 years ago, and Master was fingering me deeply and roughly as we stood up in the middle of the room.  Previously he had been flogging me and had tied me up in rope, so I was really excited.  All of a sudden I was gushing down my leg and I thought "Oh no! I peed!" but he got really excited and told me how wonderful it was that I squirted.    Since then, he works to make happen as often as possible, as long as I don't get his new leather car seats wet!

For me, and I have heard the same from other women, squirting and orgasm don't always happen at the same time.  Many times they do, but I can have a fairly dry intense orgasm, or I can squirt while becoming extremely excited and turned on, but not quite there yet.   The longer sexual activities go on, the more I squirt, and I quite literally soak the bed (we have a mattress protector as well as many sex blankets). 

"A towel isn't going to cut it, better get a tarp" could be my motto.  He sometimes calls me his "squirty girl".

Master even likes it when I sit on his face and he makes me squirt on him.  I get totally embarrassed by this, but I still love to please him, so it is kind of a like/hate thing for me.  He kind of loves that I hate it and yet I still get pleasure from  that act.   For me, squirting usually only happens with a partner, because I don't often spend very long masturbating.  If I do work at it a long time, I can make myself squirt. 


  1. I think a lot of us think it is pee at first. I can also relate to towels not cutting it and needing a trap, lol.

  2. Master had to reassure me how wonderful it was that I had squirted, the first time also....hugs abby

  3. I am with you - I have squirted but not necessarily had a climax

  4. I've squirted so hard I made my partner choke. I was mortified but he loved it. It's the positive reactions from him that make it easier for me.

    1. That sounds pretty hot to me. I have dripped into my Master's ears, and I find that embarrassing.

  5. I only squirt on occasion but it is not like the proper pulsing orgasms that I love so much


  6. Squirting is just an irritation to me, as you say, it's just more laundry to do and it adds nothing to my orgasms at all.

  7. Sir love making me squirt. I can totally relate to more laundry though. Good thing is if Sir makes me squirt he had to do the sheets!


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