Monday, September 11, 2017


Did you ever have one of those days when it is a perfectly fine day, everything looks rosy, but you're just not in tune with those feelings or the how the day looks?  I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today.  Not really sad, but kind of missing various things/ and people. 

I miss...

Kaya's blog and writings.

Other people on Fet who I used to hear a lot more from. 

My friends who I broke up with for reasons, I miss them being friendly with me.  Ex-friendships are like a big black mark.

Sex with a certain special someone. Cuddling in a pile.

My children being small enough that they could be taken places like the library or the park and have a good time (now they protest and moan and complain about being made to go anywhere).

I miss yesterday, when there were people here. Now I'm alone and a bit lonely.   

I should get out and do things.  We had a great weekend and I miss it. 


  1. I miss Kaya too. I hope she's alright. I had her vanilla blog and then lost it a while back. And I get the lonely thing. I wish we lived closer, I get the feeling we'd have a blast hanging out sometime, and even think our respective big D's would get along. LOL Maybe we'll meet at an event or something someday. Hang in there, toots.

    1. I am still friends with her on FB, so I do know how she's doing (not well). I am sad for her enormous loss.


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