Friday, September 22, 2017

KOTW: Hand spanking: Giddy up!

With all the blogs I've written here featuring canes, paddles, whips or belts, I don't think I've ever written anything on just plain good hand spankings.  

They are more intimate and sensual, flesh touching flesh.  They are more likely to include stroking and fondling that an arm's length implement spanking does.  They are also fun.  A bare bottom is a must, in my opinion, for any serious spanking.  It doesn't always happen when he's just giving me a good swat or two, which might be over my jeans or skirt, but for anything more than that, bare is beyond compare.   

Spankings in the garden?

Hand spanking tends to be more of a warm up activity for us, because I think his hand gets sore quicker than my butt!  Soon he switches to an implement of ass destruction.  Hand spanking is also an excellent accompaniment to fucking from behind.  I have plenty of hip and ass for him to reach as he takes me that way.  Sometimes he even has me ride him in backwards cowgirl so that he can
smack my ass as it goes up and down.  Giddy up!  



  1. A warm up spanking prior to the main spanking is nice. A warm up spanking prior to her having her way with me is wonderful. I love getting spanked in different positions to me it seems each implement feels different in different positions.

  2. 'Hand spanking is also an excellent accompaniment to fucking from behind.' Hell yeah! =D

  3. Yes we do the riding and the spanking too ;-)

  4. A do love an intimate hand spanking, be it as a warm up or just when he’s fucking...bliss!

  5. Lovely post. I have always enjoyed the light, playful spankings. I love your wording of "weapon of ass destruction!"


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