Thursday, January 25, 2018

Body Not Cooperating

Sometimes my body just does not cooperate with Master's plans.  I think it probably has to do with my mind not being in the right place. 

Last night with barely any warning he began fucking my mouth, and fondling me.  I was dry like the Sahara, but he dripped on the freezing cold lube and took me anyway.  I could barely feel a thing.  It seemed like I was numb instead of engorged.  When he asked me if I liked it, I mumbled something or other, but it was pretty clear I wasn't having as much fun.   It's not like I was opposed to sex, and I wanted to enjoy it, but it wasn't happening.  Even the trusty Hitachi seemed more painful and annoying than pleasure-inducing.  When he told me to come I had a feeling of release, but somehow not the pleasures.   He rolled me on to my stomach and came inside me.  Right at his final thrusts before orgasm, I began to feel a deep pleasure inside.  But then it was bedtime and I didn't feel energetic enough to ask for anything else. 

I must have dreamed all night about more, because I woke up horny. When the alarm went off I took his hand from my breast and put it between my legs.   He fingered me, and he was getting hard, so I sucked him.  He got between my legs took me and gave me several orgasms, then he got up to get ready and said I could masturbate more if I wanted.  I was already lying in a puddle.  It took a while, but I made myself come once more.    

It's sheet washing day! 

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  1. Haha i get this. Sometimes i WANT a cum but nothing seems to be reacting the way i want !


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