Monday, January 22, 2018

TMI Tuesday: Favorites

1. Favorite childhood memory?

I was poking around a stream in a meadow at a big park, and I just remember feeling really happy and content there.  I had a stick, and there was mud, and bubbles on the mud, so I could poke them.   With each poke, a bubble would rise to the surface, which was really satisfying for some reason. 

2. Favorite moment in the last 3 months?

Being with my Master, playing.

3. Favorite drink on a hot summer day?

Coffee.  It's always coffee.

4. Perfect day out: what, where, with whom?

Going out with my Master and some other friends.  Dinner and a kinky party would be perfect. 

5. Your most unexpected achievement?

Shoot, I have no idea.  I work dang hard for each achievement, and therefore it's not unexpected. 

Bonus: The kindest thing you ever did for a stranger?

I donated money to the fund needed to hold a funeral of someone I didn't even know.  I knew people that knew people that knew him, and I just found it so sad that he had been disowned by family due to being a cross-dresser (I think) and having no money even for a burial that I asked Master's permission to donate for that reason.


  1. One of my now, not secret dreams is to have enough disposable income to donate to GoFundMe's anonymously, like on the regular.


TMI Tuesday

1. What was your favorite part of yesterday? I was very lucky in playing Pokemon yesterday, I got two shinies, which are kind of rare.   ...