Monday, January 8, 2018

When Dreams Come True

I woke up this morning thinking about sucking his cock.  I was thinking about it really hard.  Hard and in my mouth.  I probably had been dreaming about it just before I woke, but that had evaporated with my wakefulness.   I imagined myself sliding down under the covers and taking his soft cock in my mouth without even saying anything.  But he was sleeping so that was against the rules.  I imagined asking him if I could suck his cock once I knew he was awake.  I couldn't quite face the possibility of a "No", so instead, after the alarm went off and he snoozed it for the first time, I cuddled up to him and didn't say anything.  When it went off a second time I was still thinking about sucking cock, imagining it in my mouth, my tongue flicking.  I didn't ask for that though.  When he began to get up to turn off the alarm, I asked him if I could kiss him.   He leaned over me and kissed me.  Not a small "I'm getting up now" kiss, but a deep, full "I want you" kiss.   Then without another word he knelt over my head and stuck his cock in my mouth.  I sucked eagerly and in an instant he was fully hard.  I moaned with the deliciousness and inhaled the scent of my cunt, which was still covering him from the night before.   The smell of sex was overpowering, musky, and arousing.

I told him later that I'd woken up thinking about sucking him, and he said the same. 


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