Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Same Dream, But Different

I had a bizarrely real-seeming dream last night about a house that I used to live in.  In the dream I KNEW that I lived in that house.  I have dreamed about it over and over, one specific part of the house especially.  But it's not a real house that I ever lived in, it is just a house that I dream. 

Last night was different.  I discovered a new part of this house that I'd never found before.  Also, Master just decided we were moving (in the dream) and was frantically throwing everything in boxes, even down to the clothes that I had planned to wear that day or the next day.   He stopped us right in the middle of sex to begin the packing of boxes, in fact.  There seemed to be an orgy going on all over our house.

Last night I found a secret door into an undiscovered room in the dream house, which contained a stage, lights and sound systems and best of all two working treadmills!  I didn't want to move now that I had treadmills!  (Weird, I know).

The down side of this house has always been, in the dream, that in order to get to one whole upper floor wing you have to squeeze through a narrow opening which terrifies me every time.  So many times in my dream I have gone up to this opening, really needing to get to the upper wing on the other side, but then chickened out at the last moment for fear of being stuck in the narrow crack.  

Last night was different.  In the newly discovered secret room was another door- the one that led to the hard-to-reach wing!  A normal sized door that I could just walk through and never have to face the cramped crack again!   

And all around, the orgy went on. 


  1. I'm no interpreter but I would think that's a positive. As if your subconscious is telling you there is a different (not scary) way to get to where you want to go.


    1. That part was positive, but then we had to move, which I was not keen on. I just discovered this great thing!


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