Friday, January 5, 2018

It's Cold, Yeah, it's winter, and it's cold, amazing....

If the people of the southern climates are wondering about what -10F is like, it is like this.

 I went out to feed and water the sheep today, and by a miracle of design the pump in the hundred year old barn still works this winter.  Sometimes it hasn't worked and I have had to carry buckets from the house. All winter.   I doubt the pump is as old as the barn.  

Anyway, I spilled some water on the floor and stepped in it.  The ice immediately formed a layer on the bottom of my boot and I could feel it slipping as I carried the water buckets to the other end of the barn. When I set them down to open the stall door my glove was frozen to the bucket handle.  I don't mess around with taking my gloves off because that could easily have been my skin.   I unstuck it and poured the water into the heated buckets.   Then I went back for another 2 buckets for the other group of sheep.  

I'm very much over this weather.  

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  1. Gawds i can't imagine. I live on the equator. it's hot all the time. except today. it rained. we had flash floods.roads had cars floating in them.

    I was safely tucked away at worked.

    I hope the weather gets warmer sooner than later. stay on a blanket too! If it were me i'd be miserable and grumbling all the time! So you're doing good I think. :) (and hope that finger is healing up nicely.)


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