Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tuesday of Fun

Master told me to get him another cup of tea and then run upstairs and put on something sexy.  

I picked out a flimsy nightie-thing, my leather collar, and brought a towel to kneel on.   I wanted to bring my robe because the house is COLD, but I knew that would defeat his wishes for something revealing, so I tried to pretend that I was actually not freezing to death.  

That lasted three seconds. 

"It's cold in here" I said, semi-casually.

"Mmmhmm" Master said. Unsympathetic. 

Why does that turn me on so?

I knelt on the floor at his feet with my towel.  He fondled me and watched porn for a while and then told me to go get him something to whack me with.  I must have been feeling extra masochist-y because I got down one of the sticks which is likely to draw blood.  It still has all the branch stub knobbly bits on it, which are sharp. 

 He had me stand in front of him and bend over.  I lifted up my nightie.   After a dozen or swats he said I was bleeding.  He didn't stop then, but gave me a few more, and then went and got the metal cleaver from it's drawer.  He smacked me hard with that, which was even more painful than the stick.   I wondered how bloody it was getting back there.   

He sat down and I knelt again to suck.  In the background there were moans from the porn stars.   Master stuck his foot between my legs, I rubbed myself against him, soon my moans were adding to theirs. 

After a while he told me to turn around and put my face to the floor, ass in the air, presenting him with a target.  The knobbly stick made a few more dents.  

He let me flavor his cock for more sucking by sticking it in my cunt just for a few thrusts and grinds.  I thoroughly enjoyed that but soon it was back to my knees again.

He eventually took me upstairs.  He picked up the extension cord and I started to turn around to present my back, but he corrected me,  "I didn't tell you to turn around."

I stood, quaking, as he whipped my front with the cord.  The first strike wrapped around my hip, which was a pretty good one as far as pain.  The lighter ones fell on my breasts, stomach and thighs.  Then one directly to my nipple which hurt like FUCK.

His goal of seeing me wince apparently accomplished, he told me to turn around.  He gave me a delicious flogging and then took me to bed.  

One minute after we rolled apart, I looked at the clock and gasped.  That time already??
I was supposed to pick the kid up at school in 1/2 an hour.  I took the world's quickest shower and just made it there 5 minutes late.



  1. Im glad you guys get to make time for ttwd, even with kiddos.

    Also, a towel for kneeling! That is genius, and why have I never thought of that?!

  2. I sometimes use a cushion. Towels can be painful for me cos of the weave. But sounds like an awesome time together. And good that u made it to school on time!


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