Sunday, June 3, 2018


Nope, not the weather. 

It's finally cooled off again here and I love it.  

However, Master got me all hot tonight anyway.  He could tell I needed more of a beating than just a few hand spanks over his knee.  I get "that look", I guess.

We were already fucking- no preamble or preparation, and I was dry, when he told me I needed to get up and get the Liberator blanket, put my collar on, and lie back down on the bed on my stomach with my hands through the rails of the headboard.   I didn't make a move, because I was waiting for him to let me up.  He was still on top of me and inside me and I couldn't really roll off the bed easily that way.  He told me again to get going, but he didn't budge, so I knew I was going to have to fight my way free.  I pushed back and struggled, while he slapped me and I blocked his hands, but eventually I triumphantly escaped (errrr, he let me go) so I could get the things he wanted. 

 He tied my hands through the railings with the leather strap, then began slapping me with a belt on the back and ass, and once hard right on my cunt (ow!).   He looped the belt over my head and told me to get it in my mouth,  then he pulled up and to the side so it tightened around my head and twisted my head up and back.  He took me again and this time I was so wet there was practically a river flowing.   He made me come this way, and then with some caning, and also with the vibrator before he fucked me to his finish.
I was still tied with the strap and belt.  

Cool weather and hot sex go together.



  1. Wow, that was hot alright! Sounds like a hot day all in all!


  2. Oh that DOES sound hot. I can totally connect with being "dry" and then "wet" after a series of um, well placed grabs and spanks.

  3. Seems like you know how to turn a cool day into a HOT one...hugs abby


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