Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Master's Fantasy

My Master has a fantasy he likes to tell me.  It goes like this:

He's worked half a day on Saturday, and the kids are gone, maybe at their friends' houses or at the grandparents'.  I'm sitting at home waiting, hoping for sexy fun times with him, but it's getting late and he's still not home.  I'm starting to wonder, hours after I thought he'd be home, when he pulls in the drive. 

He immediately puts me on my knees and takes out his cock.  I can smell cunt immediately and I know where it's been but not whose.  I envy her.

He smells like another woman all over, in fact.  He pulls my head down on his cock and I also taste the condom that has been removed and possibly (yes? no?) I taste or smell ass there two. He has had her in all three of her holes.  As he's telling me this story, his fantasy, I'm lying face down on the bed, he's pinning me down, fucking me hard, really hard, reaching that one spot deep inside that is sooooo delicious.  I feel all these pinpricks of emotion, a little jealousy, mixed with envy, mixed with humiliation, and that drives my arousal even higher.  

As he slams against my ass inside my cunt I feel the soreness that he beat into it moments before using his machete, his belt and his leather tawse.  It feels heavenly.  It feels hellish. It feels just right to be wrapped up in a painful fantasy with him.  As he talks I feel like I am there, but my mind adds in other details too, adding on some of my favorite fantasy tidbits.

He begins again.

The week after that he is late again, but this time when he comes home he tells me all about it as I suck his cock.  He tells me how pretty she is, how young, how large and perfect her tits are.  My mind is screaming now, painfully, silently "Not. Like. You." which he doesn't say, but my own brain is supplying that detail for me.  I'm reminding myself again that I'm his slave with no rights, and abject, here to suffer if he wishes, and it it so fucking intense.  

In the next version of the fantasy I'm there too, there are three of us in fact, and he's having me stick butt plugs in them.  I wear one too, and the other women are fingering my cunt, feeling how tight the plugs make it.  I nearly come for real when he says this. 

Master then gets me to be on top of him, gives me the vibrator and I rocket my way through several intense orgasms.  I'm about to have one more, so I beg him "Please, god, please, Master, please, please..."
and tells me to wait for him, so I do.  Three seconds later he's coming and telling me "Come" and I explode.  

We collapse in a breathless, sweaty heap.  

Woah, good fantasy he has!


  1. Wow. I should NOT have been reading this on the bus ride home. Hot!

  2. Now that is some fantasy! Very hot!



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