Friday, June 22, 2018

Tuesday Slutday

Tuesday was a delightful day.  We had a lunch date which I thought was going to be just lunch, but then it turned into caned and being a well used slut.  My favorite kind of day.

It began when I walked into the bedroom and was told to strip.  I took off my dress, shoes, panties and bra and knelt on the little stool at the end of the bed.  My Master came in then and lay down on the bed in front of me, holding my wrists. 

Dr. Peter warmed up my ass with the leather paddle, then began caning me in earnest.   We could hear house painters just outside talking, and they both kept telling me that if we could hear them, then surely they could hear me, so I better be very very quiet.  When I was tempted to scream or moan loudly I bit down on the pillow, or my upper arm, whatever I could reach.

I successfully maintained the quiet (I think) until I was being fucked with a cosh and ordered to orgasm, then my Master was urging me to be louder and louder and my own head was at war with itself.  Maybe the house painters had gone away by then?

My Master got up and took up a place behind me.  He took out the whangee cane and zinged it across the backs of my thighs so hard it made even Dr. Peter gasp out loud.   They took turns caning me for a while longer, and then Master began punching me in the ass, hard, leaving the kind of deep bruises that made sitting uncomfortable even three days later.   He lowered his pants and took me, while Dr. Peter was lying in front of me on the bed holding me.  I was holding him too, and it was quite exciting and wonderful.  I was getting fucked hard when Master pulled me upright from my hands and knees position and pulled my hands behind my back.  Dr. Peter fondled and pulled on my nipples while Master continued to fuck away.  Then he was finished and left the room rather suddenly.  

Dr. Peter asked me if I needed a break and I shook my head.  Master heard the question from the other room and called out in addition "She doesn't need a break, just use her hard."  


He ordered me on to my knees then and I began enjoying giving him pleasure with my mouth.   

And tea.  Tea afterward is good.


  1. Unexpected play time is always fun. Did u ever find out if the painters were still there?

    1. I know they were there at first and were gone by the time we left, but I'm not sure exactly when they went.

  2. You are amazing....and then after all that...a cuppa of tea....made me laugh out loud...hugs abby

  3. Wow, that sounds like some afternoon! The tea after made me giggle too. I wonder if the painters were still there and heard anything.


  4. Master said I needed more details of the sex bits, so I have added more now! Wheee, sex! It was a great day.


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