Sunday, June 10, 2018

Strange Weekend

Master's family has gone home now, and we had a very nice visit.  They like to play games, like we do, so we taught them some of the kids' favorites like Codenames and Bears Vs. Babies.  They were more into the former.

The other weekend plan we had was attending a conference on kink in Madison because Travis was going to be teaching there and he didn't really know that many people very well.    His wife/slave is out of town.  He didn't really want to be all on his own or just with his hosts.    So I said we'd be there.  But then Master's family had organized this family reunion/ surprise 50th wedding anniversary for his aunt and uncle and people were coming from all over the country, from Spokane, WA to Florida, to the same town as the kink conference on the same weekend.  So Master said, heck ya, we can do both family reunion and kinky event on the same weekend.  We couldn't do the classes during the day, but we could go out at night after dinner.  So after a lot of socializing with family we headed out to "meet some friends", leaving the kids with the rest of the relatives in the hotel.  

Master had me strip naked as soon as we arrived and we sat around chatting with Travis and some other people for a long time that way, with me almost the only naked one.   

I hadn't been properly beaten since Tuesday (Tuesday!!), I know it's not that long, but why does it seem so long ago?    I still even have a scar from Tuesday's whipping on my back that I can feel.  But, I was still very eager to do more.  I knew Master really wanted to fuck me in the dungeon because there would be no chance of that back at the hotel.   

When we were done chatting Master put me in the cage for a little while.  Whoever decided to put the cage next to a book shelf was really thoughtful.  #CagedAndBrowsingTitles

He came back later, ordered me out of the cage.  Once I was standing he took me by the back of the neck and propelled me across the room to where our gear bag was.  I could feel myself already slipping into a happy state.  Tied me to the cross and gave me a wonderful sensual flogging, then he brought out the big gun, the tire tread paddle, and let me have some serious bruising wallops on the backside with that.  I was dripping down my legs with excitement.  He turned me around and ran a sharp knife over my body.  Between my legs.  I held very still.  The fear was exciting me even more.

He made me come with the knife between my legs but he didn't cut me.  

There was more beating and intermittently I was down on my knees with his cock in my mouth.  He fucked me right there on the floor, and against the cross, and on a chair, and every other place close by.  They really need beds at these things.   

We drove back to the hotel at 12:30 and crawled into bed exhausted.  I felt awkward and day-dreamy in the morning trying to visit with relatives again in the hotel meeting room.  My thoughts kept drifting back to the events of the night before, like when you've just been awoken in the middle of a very intense dream and you can't get it off your mind. 


  1. Hi Ancilla, family time and kinky time, wow. Sounds like a wonderful, and interesting weekend. Glad you had a wonderful time with the family :)


    1. Yes, I was a little surprised it all worked out as well as it did. Yay for over-scheduling!


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