Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mixing Kink and Vanilla

Last night we went to a party which was definitely a vanilla occasion.   A lot of our oldest friends were there, people Master and I met back in college.  A lot of them are gaming friends.  The interesting part to me is that we found out after we got involved in the kink community that several of our old friends are also.  So, there are people that we run into both places.  We don't bring up the dungeon or "What I saw you do last month" there, because that is a major social no-no.  However, there are significant looks because it is frequently on our minds in an unspoken way.  I know it's not just me. 

We had a fun time at the party, although I got into playing one game that was above my paygrade, so to speak.  My brain just doesn't work that way.  I couldn't figure it out to save my life.  I mean, the rules were simple enough, but actually doing the game was way too difficult.  You had to hold all these moves in your head at the same time while you make a plan and do it relatively quickly to out maneuver the other players. I would get to about 6 and then not remember where I was going or what I'd already done.  It seemed like the other people just looked at the board and knew what to do; although there were frequent mistakes at least they had some kind of idea.


  1. Hi Ancilla, how interesting that a number of your old friends are also into kink. A little secret between you :)


  2. It is fun having that in common with people that you're in a vanilla setting with!

    And I wonder - the game you're talking about - maybe the other players had more experience at it than you? Just a thought...

    1. Some were, but not all. My kid was playing too, and he'd never seen it before. You know how everyone has intelligence strengths and weakness? This type of game is definitely the latter for me. I wasn't just losing, but sitting there like a dummy.

  3. The game was Ricochet Robots.

  4. It must be fun to share “secret” looks in a vanilla setting! Ah dont fret the game, there are some games i just cant grasp either!


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