Monday, July 30, 2018

WWW and Birthday Spanking

The Wild Women Weekend was really only a few hours, but that doesn't have the same alliteration to it.   I had a great time, and loved seeing my friend whom I rarely get to see at all.  We had some gun safety lessons and practiced shooting positions, and then there was a hunting dog demo that some of us got to participate in.  I was throwing the dummy duck.   That was the best part for me, as I love watching dogs at work, and this girl sure enjoyed her retrieving.

After that we practiced casting with fishing equipment, learned to tie knots that would hold a hook on fishing line, baited up our hooks (the worst part was touching the worms) and then set out to catch some fish.  We only spent about half an hour at that but two people caught fish anyway.  I had my binoculars and spent quite a bit of time bird/fish/turtle watching. 

Then the lovely volunteers made us a delicious lunch of grilled fish (not the ones we caught- they had fresh perch, bluegill and salmon- where we only could catch carp and bullheads in the swamp). There were a lot of sides and also a pot of venison.   Oh, and to get our appetites ready there was a fish head smashing and cleaning demo first.   I know that is where a lot of people decided they were more into the civilized woman thing rather than the wild woman thing!  But for me it was the worm squishing.   I've been fishing before, and we never used worms- either rubber lures or bits of hot dog work just fine for me.  

This is where we were. 

Absolutely perfect weather and natural surroundings, amazing wildflower gardens. 

Sunday was my birthday, and the only thing I really wanted (besides cake, of course) was a birthday spanking.   Master and I hadn't played or had sex all week, so I was really hopeful that I'd get it that night.  And I did.  He started out with the cane, and some really hard strokes to get me ouching.  Then he switched to the leather straps for a bit more warm up.   When he went back to the cane he started playing the ladder game.   He went all the way up to 47, my new age.  You know the ladder game, right?   I explained it on my birthday last year, HERE.  And then back down again.  My butt was sure red and sore after all that.  

He fucked me and used the vibrator on me.  Since my old one broke I haven't really had orgasms this week, but now the new one I ordered is here, so that was wonderful.

In the morning I woke up with his hand between my legs and I started rubbing against it.  He started rubbing back and soon he climbed on top of me and took me again.   This time I rode on top too, and had an absolutely massive orgasm, probably the best one in weeks.  


  1. I have been awol from blogland lately due to tech issues and am just trying to catch up.

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic weekend! Glad you enjoyed the trip. Happy belated Birthday! What wonderful birthday celebrations :)



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