Wednesday, July 4, 2018

That's An Order

We were out playing Pokemon yesterday, and my Master has a more combative style than I do.  He likes the competition best.  Well, I do too, but I sometimes try to be "nice".

We had just pulled up at a gym that was about to have a raid.  You get an extra advantage in the raid if your team owns the gym when it starts and while the raid is going the team that owns it cannot be kicked out.  This gym was owned by the red team and Master and I are blue.   He started fighting the gym, and I looked at who was in the gym and how long they had held it (just one person, less than 5 minutes), and I said "I don't want to kick her out. I know her. I like her."  

Master just said "Help me battle. That's an order".   

So I shelved my objections and joined in.

How to be a Pokemon-slave, step one.  


  1. A Pokemon slave ... love it lol. Ttwd does spill into all aspects of life doesn't it:)


  2. Haha - virtual life is but an extension of real life. Fun times with Pokemon!


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