Tuesday, July 24, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. What do you need to learn but won’t admit to?

I don't understand the question. Why would I not admit to needing to learn, if I knew what it was that I needed to learn?

  2. If you could erase one event from your life, which one would you choose?
 Briefly describe the event, tell us why you would erase it. 

I would erase being assaulted as a child.  No need to describe it.  The reason is because it was horrible.

 3. Who drains your energy, and why do you let it happen?  

Occasionally my youngest goes on a talking streak and does not stop.  I don't stop him because I'm his mom.  But he can make my ears tired. 

4. Do your practice ‘self-love’ or ‘self-loathing’? 

Oh, a little of each. Gotta keep balance :).

5. What must you do daily to keep yourself ‘sane’?  

Masturbate, of course.

Bonus:  Who do you blame?

Republicans.  And anyone who didn't vote, or voted for a third party as well.  But mostly Republicans.


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