Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Morning Hotness

I had just showered this morning when Master came upstairs "to nap" and found me getting dressed.  He told me to put on some underwear that I didn't really care about so I picked these red ones that were starting to unravel a bit. 

As I stood in the center of the room, he pressed a knife to my cheek.  He trailed it down my chest and began slowly making cuts in the panties.  Not just one cut, but a series of tears until they were still hanging from me, but in shreds.  He poked the knife against my cunt lips.

He told me then to get my collar on and go and lie on the bed with my legs spread.  He made me beg him to fuck me with the knife.  He was fucking me with his cock at the time, and I begged for the knife.  He pulled out and touched it to my labia, running it all around so I could feel the sharpness.  Then with a violent motion he plunged hard into me and for a second my visceral, unthinking reaction was "Knife!" but the lack of pain made me realize two seconds later it was his fingers.  I came as ordered. 

He tore the soaked panties even more, using them like a resistance harness to fuck me and pull me to him, then he took them all the way off and stuffed them in my mouth.   He beat me with the wooden holey paddle as I lay on my stomach, and as he was fucking me. 

This is the kind of morning I like.  :)


  1. very kinky and erotic.

  2. Wow, this sounds intense. I gasped at where I thought the knife was going lol


  3. You scare me to death with the knife play!

  4. I thought it was the knife too! Exciting and scary all at once!

  5. Love that photo. I don't think I've seen that tattoo before; I love it! With those shredded panties. I've been thinking more and more about knife play, and this is great fodder for that!


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