Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheese Truck Angel

For all the doubters that the Christmas spirit really is arriving, I have a little tale.

Today I went to see my Master at work, had my nails done, and then we went out to lunch.  That was fun.  He went back to work and I headed home.

However, I have had a hanking for some fresh cheese curds for a while now.

If you have never lived in Wisconsin, you may not have gotten to experience the wonder that is fresh cheese curds.  To tell the truth, when I first moved here I heard people raving about them and I thought they were all nuts.  What could be so great about fresh cheese?  And curds?  That sounded kinda icky to me, like something Little Miss Muffet would eat.    But now I have had them, and I crave them just like ever other Wisconsinite (and if you live here and don't like them just STFU, I'm telling a story here).

The best part about them is that when you bite them they squeak.  It's weird at first, but after a few you just can't get enough of that delicious squeaking.   They don't squeak when they are not fresh.

There is this one cheese factory on my way home, but I couldn't remember the way to get there.  Everyone assured me there would be signs on the highway, and it would no problem to find it.  

I didn't see any signs.

And then, Lo, the angels spake, the trumpets blared, and an Angelic Cheese Truck with the correct logo pulled ahead of me.   I stuck to that truck, still watching for signs and not seeing any, but when the truck exited the highway, I followed.  A few hundred yards down the side road I began to see the signs.  The cheese factory approach-eth!

The maker of cheeses was unloading bag after still warm bag of the soft white gold onto the front counter, and patrons were grabbing, paying and leaving with their treasures.

Oh, and the cheese curds, Lo, they were delicious-eth. 

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  1. My Grandfather once followed a truck during a snow storm and drove 200 miles out of his way.

    Glad your adventure worked out much better!

    To me Angelic and Cheese should never be in the same sentence.

    Guess I should STFU :)



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