Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I decided my Master is indeed a sadist today.

See,  I didn't want to have our second child's birthday end up being April Fool's day, just for the child's sake, ya know?   But  I went into labor that day.    He wasn't actually born until April 3, which meant a whole lot of extra pain for me.  

 Master thinks this is the greatest April Fool's joke on me ever and was just laughing uproariously at that last night.  

Who else but a sadist could laugh at 3 days of hard labor as a joke?   Even in retrospect. 


  1. Are you really a sex slave,like you signed
    a contract and all ?

    Just curious,as well,why not tell your master
    to go fuck a hole in the wall.

    Has he been reading Fifty Shades of Grey ?

    Going through labour is painful,so I hear as
    I have no kids,and he was happy you were in
    pain ?

    That is not a typical master,he is just
    a jackass,my condolences to you dear.

    Take care,and don't submit your kids
    to this wicked mans ways.

    1. Oh there is always someone out there that knows better, and its people like you that are ignorant of M/s that make the most pathetic comments, and pass judgement on something you know nothing about.

  2. Um, ok. Yes I am a slave, no, he has not read Fifty Shades of Grey. No, I wouldn't tell him to fuck a hole in the wall when he could be fucking me instead. I love him more than life- he is my life.

  3. Hmmmm that person has no idea how awesome your Master is

  4. That's seriously jumping the gun on the white knighting, eh?

  5. He doesn't even make me eat my own arms or anything, right?

    Mystique- I know!

  6. He doesn't make you eat your own arms?? He must be negligent or something...
    Better laughing in retrospect than during lol.

    And I so feel you on kids taking their sweet time to get here--mine did, and I wasn't happy about it in the least.

  7. Oh no, he was not laughing during. He was very sweet and wonderful and protective of me. This is 7 years later.

  8. @HollywoodHasMe: OMG! OMG! OMG! Fan mail! I'm so excited! You are my very first fan on this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I'll treasure this moment forever.
    Master of ancilla_ksst

    1. Omg, lmao.
      I nearly just choked to death on my coffee.

  9. I wonder if not labour pain is one of those things it takes something like seven years to be able to laugh about? But better late then never!

    And fan mail is always great! Especially the thoughtful insightful kind! :-)


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