Friday, December 21, 2012

Obedience over ritual

Yesterday was to have been a playdate with a friend.  Life gets in the way, though, specifically this time a snowstorm that got schools cancelled all over the state and left us with kids to entertain at home.  We made cookies, me and the littlest kid, and he decorated them with gobs of powdered sugar icing.  It was fun and delicious.

Later that night, after all was quiet, Master began teasing me, with a little pinch on nipple here, or a smack to the cunt there.   I was very tempted to touch myself, but when he saw my hands begin to creep close he slapped them away- smack, smack, smack.   I whimpered and wiggled in my seat.  Then he smacked my cunt a few more times, for good measure.

When we headed up to bed he told me not to wait on the floor in my usual position, but instead to get into bed, not touch myself and stay awake. 

It felt weird getting into bed without him so soon after I had been reprimanded for doing just that.  But his main goal is obedience, not ritual.  This obedience is what he wants, so that is what I did, even though I lay there feeling a little uneasy and very horny.   There would not be any sex until morning, and I spent a restless night next to him trying not to think about it. 

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