Friday, December 7, 2012

I am lucky

And, no, not just because of last night.  

I realized in our lunch conversation yesterday, but not for the first time, what an amazingly blessed life I have. 

I'm lucky to be surrounded by good friends. I am lucky to have a family who may be far away in distance but who are very dear to my heart and for the most part manage to get along with each other.   

I'm lucky to have a good Master who gives me what I need, who loves me with all his heart and makes me a better person through his leadership.

I don't think it is all luck, as making one's one luck can be hard work, and I think there is some blessing involved.  I'm not a member of any particular religion, but having had a personal religious experience, I do believe in a higher power, and I believe I have had some help along the way.   I believe in turning the other cheek, in not holding on tight to bad feelings about dear friends and loved ones.  I believe in thinking the best of people, and not assigning evil motivations where it may not be deserved.  This contributes to the harmony of my life.  

I don't count on it always being this way.  I know there are disasters to face down the road, large and small, but I know my Master will help me through them, or I will help him through them.   I have faith in him. 

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