Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Color? What color? Damn.

I'm sure most are familiar with the red/yellow/green stoplight colors of BDSM.   I just thinking what if our stoplights were blue/orange/puce- we'd have different safeword codes.  Ok, side tracked again.  Shoot.

Last night Master was all in a fucking mood, so as soon as we could he had me on my knees and sucking his cock.  At first I was all "Oh, this is nice, pleasing Master is good, it's fun."  For a while.  I know this is all about his pleasure, but I was enjoying it too.  Then I started to get tired.  Every time I thought he was getting close he would make me back off and slow down, prolonging his pleasure.  I enjoyed the tired/sore feeling for a while.  Yes, pleasing Master is good, I was thinking.    Then I started to get really tired.  My throat was rebelling, gagging, my mouth was beyond sore and on to completely numb.    At least one of us was really enjoying himself though.  It's not about me.   About 20 minutes (just guessing here, I couldn't see a clock from my position) past the point when I would have given just about anything to stop, he told me to go upstairs, because he still wanted to beat and fuck me.  

After I had stripped down he started hitting me with the new wooden paddles.  Some areas were good, but there are a couple spots that still have bruises and cuts from Saturday night and, fucking hell, that hurt.  He seemed to especially like one same damn spot and very soon that had me sobbing.   When that happened he asked what color I was at.  I think I said green the first time.  

After quite a few more paddlings on the same damn spot I was still sobbing and he asked me again what color?   I couldn't think of a color.  I considered puce, or maroon, or mahogany (wait, is that a wood or a color?)  but all I could say was "I don't know Master" and cry.   I was lying on the floor at this point, and he raised my legs straight up,  paddling the backs of my thighs, maybe a little softer but I couldn't be sure.   Then he spread my legs, shoving my panties to one side, and fucked me, still with the occasional paddle whack (nik nak paddle whack, give a slave a bone?)   and I came really hard, multiple times.  The sobbing turned to giggling. 

Afterward we snuggled into bed, but my whole body was aching, especially my knee.  And my face. And my butt.   I meant to be quiet and try to sleep but evidently I was whimpering and moaning and keeping him awake, so he told me to get up and take some ibuprofen so he could sleep.  I did, and found the least welcome sight a dog owner can face in the middle of the night.  Sprite, one of the dogs,  had evidently forgotten to potty at her last outing - probably too busy playing- and had made a huge mess in the house.  So I cleaned that up, took my ibruprofen, washed up, and then crawled back into bed.  

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