Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just a lot of pain

The kind that when it is over, and you are all cuddled up next to him on his shoulder, you can't decide whether to be grateful that you got to experience it, or relieved that it is over. 

Either way, there are few feelings in my life that are happier or more satisfying.   Not only do I feel perfectly satisfied, but I feel safe, owned, and completely possessed by the man who loves me.  

Sometimes I feel there is something not right with me, for thinking this way, but thank goodness for some of my friends on here who totally get this feeling.   With them at least I can feel like I'm not the only one.  

He started with putting me over his knee and using his hand.  When that got sore (his hand) he told me to go fetch the paddle.   This was a long, drawn out, sensual spanking.   Some hard, some soft, some really, really hard.  When it was over I felt and probably looked like a disheveled mess.  Sniffing back sobs, puddles of drool, the whole bit.    He fucked me from behind, then sent me to wait in our room.  I was already pretty out of it, and time was suspended for me as I curled up on the floor to wait. 

What happened next is kind of confused, but I distinctly remember a hard kick in the cunt when he told me to get up.   A hard flogging, some dozens of cane stripes.  The dragon tail felt like whispers across my back.  The belt snapping my thigh.  Pain in the distance.   Then the belt doubled over and I could see his arm out of the corner of my eye, swinging hard at my ass.   "That has got to hurt", one half of my brain thought, while the other half could only think "Oh yes, oh yes Master, this and more, please, so much this".  

The belt was replaced by the leather slapper paddle, and his arm still swinging hard.  I clung to his other arm. 

After fucking me on the floor, he stood over me and decorated me with cum.  He threw a wipe at me and said "Clean yourself up, slave, you are covered in cum".   Stumbling around the room in a daze, cleaning up all the things, my brain was swirling.   The emotions are indescribable.   The best I can do: degraded, treasured, beaten, loved.  

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