Monday, December 31, 2012

Not quite the worst road trip ever

And that is only because I have had a lot of bad trips. It started out with everyone in the family being sick, except Master. He had briefly been sick earlier in the week but recovered. The other three of us were suffering through periodic fevers, nausea, vomiting, hacking cough etc. etc. So we packed up from his dad's house at about 12:00. I thought we were ready to go, so I loaded up all my stuff in the car. Almost two hours later, we actually left.

Leaving 2 bored dogs in the car with a box of Christmas chocolates. Not good. Not good at all. In my brain fogged state I kept trying to place exactly what had gone wrong with the packing. Hmm. Choclolate wrappers all over the back of the van. Yeah, that's not going to be good.

So I said, as we drove down the road, I guess if we hear them whine we better stop right quick. No sooner had I said that then there was a distinct horrible smell. We stopped at a rest stop, cleaned out the car, walked the dogs. Got everyone back in the car. Drove the two hours to my parents' farm where the rest of our dogs were staying. We had take the two miscreants with us because they were not well behaved enough to leave behind.

We stayed over night, but it was freezing cold in the house.

My parents live in a 3 bed room pre-Civil War era farmhouse. It is very drafty. I felt horrible, the kids were barfing. I don't think anyone got more than a couple hours sleep.

I had been watching the weather, and snow, rain, or a mix was predicted for today. Master didn't want to spend another night though, so we woke everybody up and started packing. In less than one hour we had all our stuff, 2 sick kids, one sick slave, 6 dogs, and Master, all ready to go. I had my Nyquil handy, and some plastic bags. It was already snowing.

I was warring between terrified of the snow and too sick to really care if I ended up in a ditch or not. Thank goodness Master was not sick and was willing to drive the whole way. One hour later, we had one vomiting kid.

Two hours later, it was looking like it might clear up. I almost was starting to think we'd make it home alive.

Another few hours, and the dog who ate all the chocolates exploded over the back of the car. I had thought we were past that danger. Nope. So we stopped, cleaned everything up, walked the dogs. This was hindered by a lack of paper towels or other supplies, but we managed.

At least it had stopped snowing.

Nine hours later we arrived home, and found the heat had not come on in the house while we were gone for the week. It was 35 degrees inside the house. Master fixed the furnace and started a fire. I made dinner. I guess we made it and we are all still alive and still speaking to each other, although my voice is pretty much gone.

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