Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend relaxing, minor glitch

This weekend we went to see The Hobbit, which was so long I was getting tired of sitting, but was really good, like the other three movies.

The surprise ending really shocked me, what with Bilbo being eaten by a troll.  

Sorry, just kidding about that.  There were some differences from the book though.

This morning our friend came over with her two little kids and they played, mostly with our youngest son.  It was a cool and rainy/damp day, but we went out tromping through the wet woods to find a Christmas tree.  They enjoyed finding rocks and moss and things.  It was a good time, and the hot cocoa and sitting by the fire was all the better for having been out.

The only real glitch in the whole weekend happened last night.  

Friday night I had waited on my knees, naked, in the cold bedroom for so long I was shivering and my knees ached. Saturday night I thought I'd be smart and get into bed, only hopping out at the last minute before Master arrived.  I did not figure the time right, or hear him coming in time, though, and when he found me in bed he said he made it pretty clear that he expected me to wait in position even if it was not as cozy as bed.  


He said he hadn't used the thin leather strap that came from my purse in a while.  When I was yelping and squeaking pretty regularly as it was applied he said he wanted to see what it felt like, so he showed me how he did it, had me practice in the air a couple of times, then told me to hit him on the back with it.  My first one was rather a flop, so I tried again, and snapped him a smart one (I know a lot of subs out there are giving horrified looks now).   "That does sting, doesn't it?" was his reaction, then had me turn around and resumed working on me with it.  

In the morning I asked him if he liked hearing me yelp and cry, and he didn't say anything, just gave a big old wickedly glittery-eyed grin.   
I guess that answers that!


  1. I saw The Hobbit too, yesterday. In the middle of the day, with a friend, since Mistress isn't that fond of movie-theaters and prefers watching films at home. I can't sit still long enough home in the couch, so I love being stuck in a dark room with a giant screen and surround sound.

    I love The Hobbit as a book, my father read it to me the first time when I was seven, and I got all kind of nostalgic. It was great.

    The purse strap thing didn't sound as great - except in some ways, it does. But that freezing on your knees by the bed - I have to do that too sometimes, it's mostly cold and uncomfortable.

    1. I have to say it wasn't that easy to snap it at him. It's not something I personally long to do. But it was kind of satisfying for him to say that I wasn't just being a weenie about how it felt.

  2. (I know a lot of subs out there are giving horrified looks now)

    Yeah... not one of their ranks. In fact one is rather wondering how that can be replicated here...
    Bad, bad slave
    Hangs head in shame

  3. Hey, MP, just ask him. He might say yes. (evil laugh)


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