Wednesday, December 5, 2012


On one hand, I was slightly tempted to write a whole blog entry trying to explain our relationship, and explain what we do and how we work, and on the other hand, I was even more tempted to just NOT. 

I didn't start a blog to educate the masses.   I write a blog because I like to write, and I enjoy having people read what I write, especially people who know in their own lives or have fantasies of what this is about.   

Also, I'm so far from an expert on these things, on being a slave, or on BDSM, that my educating anyone would be pretty silly.  If someone really wants to learn more there are dozens of non fiction books and websites where they can go read about it, or talk to people that have been slaves for years, or have been Masters for years.  

So there you go.  There will be no teaching and no learning here.   Only a few laughs and some kinky perverted sex.  It is my blog and that is what I like.   :)  

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