Saturday, December 8, 2012

For SweetHeather, because she asked for details

So after I left the computer chats last night I went and stood by Master's chair until he was ready and shut off the laptop. I asked if he wanted me to wait upstairs and he said no, just stand there. He fondled me some.
We went up, I got undressed while he was brushing his teeth etc. I put on my leather collar, taking off my day time collar. I waited for him, kneeling on the floor as I do every night. I was feeling especially subservient so I leaned forward from Nadu (see I know one pose) until my forehead rested on the floor. Hands outstretched, holding the cane. I waited, pussy dripping in anticipation.
He came in and without saying anything walked past me to the toy drawer, took out something I couldn't see and smacked my butt a few times. It felt like the long wooden paddle. A few more times, harder. I was squirming just a bit. He said "I can smell you from here- you smell like sex. What do you think of that?" I just moaned and said "I know Master".
He took the cane from me, tapping it slowly, then harder, and harder until I yelped. Goal accomplished, he knelt behind me and fucked me. Just when it was feeling absolutely perfect he stopped and told me to suck it. I did, on my knees in front of him. He had the paddle, and was beating a rhythm on my butt at the same time (it is a long wavy one- sometime he means to get a picture up here). Then he got the cane and was a bit harder on my butt with that. Not really cruel, though, just slightly ouchy. He doesn't want to put himself at risk in that position through severe pain causing me to do violent things.
Then he rolled me on my back and used the cane on my tits. He took me again and told me to cum. I did and it was excellent. And again. A few more orgasms, then he came and we went to bed.
This morning, I was lying in bed wondering, you know, about maybe having sex again. I put my hand between my legs. Master put his hand there and found my hand.
"You don't touch your cunt without permission" he said.
"I'm sorry Master" (honestly, this had not been a rule before- I guess it is now).
"That's ok" he said.
We lay there for a while. He went back to sleep. I was thinking of last night.
He woke again, and I asked for permission to touch myself.
He started describing what I should do to myself. Put a finger in. Are you waiting? Yes, Master. What are you waiting for? For you, Master.
He rolled on top of me and took me, telling me to cum the instant he was inside, and I did, rather severely soaking the sheets.
He told me to get the vibrator and get on top, so I rode him and used the magic wand. It was dang hard holding back the orgasm at that point. He pinched my nipples and slapped them, which made holding back even more difficult. He told me to turn it off and suck his cock, which I did, then more fucking and vibrator.
The waves were building up. It feels like the lapping inevitability of the ocean at the base of a sand castle as the tide comes in. Eventually the castle is going to fall. Is he going to give the command to cum or is the castle going to fall on it's own without permission?
Just as the castle was starting to topple he gave the command "Cum!" and I did, so hard, and for what seemed like endless minutes. The tide had swept my little castle out to sea. I wanted to collapse but he told me to keep going. I rocked, fucked, came a few more times before he pushed me off and fucked me from behind as I lay on my stomach. He came also, with a shout, and I came again at the same time.
Now my cunt is pleasantly tired and sore. A happy beginning to the weekend.

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