Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting in Shape- err Trying, Anyway

My body evidently loves the weight it is at.  If there is ever a famine, I'm sure I'll be one of the survivors, because it hangs on to every extra pound like there might be a dry spell with nothing to eat just around the corner.   

Me (talking to myself):   "We have been exercising over an hour a day and eating hundreds less calories per day than the RDA.  What gives that you still weigh the same?"

My body: "I need that fat! I'm storing it for YOU!  What if we run out of food tomorrow?"

Me: "Shut up, there is plenty of food.  Don't you want to look better in that one dress?"

My body: "No!  I care not for dresses!   WE will survive the next famine!"

Me:  "Famine, what famine?  Stupid body."

My body: "You will thank me later when all the naturally skinny people are wasting away and we are living off of sawdust and leather scraps".  

Me:  "Bitch!"  


  1. From the photos you have shown in previous posts, i would say your certainly not overweight, i struggle with my weight, i tend to slim down in the summer...but winter...casseroles, roasts.....well yeah i like my food lol


  2. If I weighed 120lbs (I weigh 138 right now) and was in shape enough to have some tone/stamina that would be my ideal. I'm short (5' 2" barely), so that is not unrealistic. I have weighed less that than that, but not since college. I have also weighed a lot more than I do now, because I can put it on so easily, as soon as I stop paying attention to what I eat I creep up. I love sweets!

  3. The body likes homeostasis. A little up, a little down, that's pretty easy, but to change a lot and then stay there? Biology is fighting you tooth and nail.

    To bad evolutionary change is a slow process. The human body could really need a few nifty adjustments to an environment that is dangerously rich in food.

    I could easily stave off a famine or two too. But they don't seem to occur in this part of the world all that often.

    1. I have to continually remind myself that it is about health and activity, not about the scale. The body feels better when it moves better!

  4. Hallöchen,
    da ich aus Thüringen bin, wollte ich nur mal liebe Grüße hinterlassen und wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deiner Seite.

  5. Really funny! Hope you win the argument!

  6. We are the same height and it seems after 40 keeping at 120 is constant is work. It's easier to do that at certain times of the year for sure.

    It is about health, you look good when you feel good.


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