Thursday, October 17, 2013

How My Night Went

Yesterday I had a whole long post written about diet/exercise and how hungry I was.  I ended up deleting it without saving it because the whole thing depressed me so much that I didn't think anyone would enjoy it.  

So, instead of that, we are moving on to How My Night Went.    

Master got home late, and left early, only being in the house for about 10 hours, and most of that was sleeping.  He had me get up earlier to make breakfast so he could get a few more minutes of rest.  Now he's gone until Friday night.   

I shut down/ tuned out/ postponed everything I normally do in the evening in order to simply follow him around the house and be with him.  Only the dishes and taking care of the animals couldn't wait until the next day.  

At bedtime while I waited for him to come to our room I did some stretching, then got into position for him.

He entered, and after walking around me to inspect me, laid me down on the floor and held me.  It was not what I expected, but I melted into his arms and enjoyed being there.  When he'd had enough cuddling, he asked me why I deserved to get beaten that night.   I listed off all of the GOOD things I had done in the past two days, all the tasks that he required.  

 He told me to stand and he got out the belt.   It only took a few strokes for him to realize that the snapping motion was going to hurt his shoulder, so he switched to the whip, which I guess is easier to use.  

He pushed me down to the floor and with my nose an inch from his cock he whipped me again.  I tried to take him in my mouth but he tapped my nose, and said "Ah, ah, not yet.  Not until I say."   He made me beg for it before he'd allow me to suck, so when he finally grabbed the back of my hair and thrust deep into my mouth I was desperately eager for him.   He used my ears as handles and told me that is what they are made for.  He fucked my mouth, calling me "Whore, slut, cocksucker, fucktoy".   Then he whipped me again, and I was on the verge of coming.   Finally he told me to orgasm, and I did, with his cock in my mouth and the whip stinging my back.   

He stood me up again and got out the smiley paddle.  Yes, I did miss the smiley paddle.  :)   He beat some fresh bruises into my ass with it, and when I started to whimper he asked, redundantly, if it hurt.

"Yes, Master" I said.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

"Whatever you want, Master".  The only reply I'm allowed.   The truth, as it happens.

"Good girl" he told me.

And began whaling on me again with the paddle as I danced from one foot to the other.  
When he stopped and tilted my head back using my hair, tucking me  into his shoulder for a brief moment, I felt nothing in the world could be better.  I smiled at him, rested my head on his chest.

Then he ordered me into bed.  With the vibrator.   Much fucking and many orgasms later, we tucked under the covers together.   I know I slept like a rock after that!   

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I always sleep better after a night of impact play.



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