Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is Today a Beating Day?

This week has been full of hot passionate sex, pain, humiliation and all that good stuff.  Master having a week between jobs has given us lots of time to clean and work on home projects, but also for some good recreation :). 

Last night I was expecting to be sent straight to bed, but instead Master used me as his collection of holes to be filled.  He made me repeat to him over and over "I am nothing but your collection of holes".   I was quite exhausted afterward, and if not sexually satisfied, at least satisfied that I had been useful and pleasing to him.

This morning when he woke up and threw back the covers off me, looming over me with that lustful look, I asked if today were perhaps a beating day for me.   I fully expected him to say maybe later, after the munch we're going to, but instead he said I should fetch him a paddle and then I could see if it were a beating day.

Oh yes it was, and how!  And fucking, and sucking, and coming.

He kept on paddling so long that when he asked if I wanted him to stop I finally said "Yes".  
Of course, he kept going anyway. 
I didn't really expect anything else. 

My ass is sore and bruised, and I have a perma-grin on my face. 

Later today we get to go to a rope demo/munch with some of my favorite rope people.  Rain and dreary weather notwithstanding, it seems like a good day.

Also, for Master's new job, tomorrow he wants me to make cookies for him to take along to share.  I enjoy baking (and tasting) cookies, so I'm looking forward to that also.



  1. Being a collection of holes (as I often am to m'Lady) can be damned hot, can't it?

    xx Dee


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