Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Party

"Close your eyes and keep them closed"  orders S.

Master is behind me holding my hands behind my back.  I close my eyes.  

"You're going to hit her with that?" Master says.

"Now don't open your eyes at all.  Are they all closed?"  This is S. again.  I nod my head.

Another voice near by: "That S, he's the meanest motherfucker I know."

"Hahahahaha, thanks R.!"  says S.   

"It's coming.  Soon.  You are about to get it".  At this point I'm breathing hard and don't even know who is talking.

THWACK!   One giant slap down on my breast.

"Oh, you have to do the other too.  For symmetry", says my Master.

"Oh yes, for symmetry".   S. again.

THWACK! and that is for the other boob. 

My legs went all shaky.   Master asked if he needed a towel, and when the answer was no, he made me cum right there.  On the floor.   He was still holding me up by my arms.  


We had a very fun time at the Halloween party.   There were lots of beatings, all kinds of other kinky stuff, good food (bacon maple frosting cupcakes and peanut butter cups to die for), and friendly people.   We stayed up late, and then got up and had delicious breakfast casserole that kaya made (I need to get that recipe).

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