Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yes!   Just in time, lots and lots of pictures from the party are up on Under His Hand, kaya's blog, so here's the link.

Party of Awesome

the day after...

After Master played with me, and before we became a "naked pile of sex on the floor"  I was handed off to have a scene with Sir David (WiDomher), who last beat on me back in August at Twisted Tryst, as described here:

Becoming a Puddle

Master settled back to watch, which he enjoys just about as much as doing it himself.  

The above marks are mainly from Sir David's single tail (that one bruise right in the middle I'm blaming on Uma and Master, though), and there are matching ones on my front- from breasts to mons.   They are starting to get really itchy/scabby now!   Ah, memories!

There was a pretty large bruise (checks self- there IS still a pretty bruise there) just above my clit from the whip.   I remember it distinctly, in among the many other blows because I felt that strike of the whip like lightening up and down my body, causing a massive orgasm.  Then there was another slash right in the same place, and another orgasm.   Also, someone left quite a puddle on the base of the cross, which I had to clean up later.   

I did not have permission for those orgasms, but they struck so quickly there was no avoiding them.   Master doesn't believe in punishment for those happy accidents anyway, only if I were to deliberately try to come without permission would I be in real trouble.   As it was, it was more of a "Tssk, tssk" and a laugh from both.   

Sir David also did some knife play on me, starting at my throat and tracing down my chest making scratches that felt like they were opening me up but were really just leaving red lines, no blood.  I was breathing hard (this IS a mind game!), convinced that I might die at any moment.   Then some more parallel lines down my stomach.  I felt the sharp poking between my legs.  I held VERY still.   For a couple minutes I thought I was going to be minus one nipple.   I remember begging to stop, and being told that was not the safeword.    

When he did stop it was because I had gone deep into space and stopped being responsive at all.  I still felt that he was doing SOMETHING, but I couldn't tell you if it was painful or not.    He eased me down from the cross and Master held me until I was fit to go get the cleaning supplies and wash down the cross.   

Then it was time to go upstairs and EAT ALL THE SNACKS!   

This stuff makes me sooo hungry.   




  1. Thanks for the pic. It sounds heavenly!!!


    1. It was great fun! Best halloween for me ever, in fact.

  2. NIce photo. Wonderful party!!!



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