Friday, October 11, 2013

Just a Story

Just a little imagination running wild here:

When Master gets home, the kids are at their friends' place.  I'm wearing my leather collar and have knelt at the door when I see him pull in the driveway.  

He doesn't know it, but I have a surprise for him.   He has one for me also, though his was considerably easier to pick up.

He enters, sees me naked on the floor, and smiles.  It is good to be home, good to be the Master.  After stroking my head he tells me to follow him upstairs.  My heart is in my throat, fearful, wondering and hoping he is going to like my surprise.   

When he enters the bedroom, he sees her, a beautiful creature, full breasts, slim waist, gently rounded hips.   She has agreed to play with us for the night, to serve him as a temporary slave.   She smiles bashfully up at him from her position on the floor.   She is wearing only jewelry, a decorative chain necklace and matching bracelets.   

I can see in Master's face his approval and excitement.  This is something out of fantasy, no?  

He turns to me "How? who? what?" so I give him the briefest version I can manage, with still hitting the important points of what she will/won't do, and who she is.    He seems quite astounded but very happy with those conditions.  

He pulls her to her feet and runs his hands down her body, pausing briefly at her breasts to weigh them in his hands.   When he reaches her cunt he grabs it roughly and fingers her hard, feeling the wetness that is her arousal.   Then he turns to me and holds out his finger.  "Suck" he says.  I suck his finger, tasting her.  He grabs a fistful of my hair and tips my head back, shoving his finger in deeper, gagging me. 

"Do you want to see me fuck her?" he asks.

"Yes, Master".    It sounds more like "Yeth, Mthggger".

"I don't know about that.  You may be blindfolded instead, little slavegirl.  But you can certainly hear." 

He tells us both to kneel and wait.   He goes out but comes right back with a chair from down stairs.  He blindfolds me, then pushes me over the chair and ties my hands and feet underneath.   He positions our new friend in front of me, where I can feel my hair lightly brushing her legs.  

He is doing something that makes her moan and sigh.  I desperately want to know, to see, but I wait patiently.   


I feel the riding crop on my ass.   

He beats me hard for a while, then switches to the short whip.  It feels so delightfully stingy.  I am close to coming, but without permission I don't.   

A few more minutes of nothing then, of waiting.  I feel his absence like a chasm.  He is doing something with her; I hear more moans of pleasure then smacking sounds as he spanks her.  I'm going to guess he's using his hand.   Then I feel a hand in my hair, lifting my head.  Lips on my lips, but feminine soft lips, not my Master.   She is kissing me sweetly when I feel the whip again.   Then he's dripping some cold slick lube on my ass.   He shoves the string of beads in there, and it feels so wonderful that now I'm desperate to come.  Still no command, but only a couple of hard smacks on my butt.   

I hear some scuffling, then a light thud.  I believe she has landed on the floor in front of me.  There are sounds and smells of sex.   They are very close to my face.  Moaning, sighing, grunting, groaning sounds.   He is fucking her mere inches from my face.  I feel the humiliation of my position.  How I have brought him someone that at least for this moment, is more exciting, newer, more enticing than me.   

Then he's untying me, and removing the blindfold.  Both of them are tousled and flushed.  He puts both of us at his feet and we share his cock, taking turns worshiping him with our mouths.  He has a hand on each of our heads and he is leaned back, eyes closed with pleasure. 

Master tells me to lie on the floor, then has her get on her hands and knees over me.  He takes her from behind, and I watch them screw, touching both, fondling and stroking.  It makes me so aroused, and I long to feel something in my pussy.   The beads are still in my ass, but the other hole is quite empty and hungry to be filled. 

He pulls out and comes, spurting over both of us.  

While he watches she takes a dildo from the drawer and fucks me with it.  Master tells me to come, smacks my face, and breasts, tells me to come over and over, all the while the dildo is fucking me and I am in ecstacy.

Finally they have used me to exhaustion, and as we start to curl up on the bed together, Master starts up, remembering his surprise for me. 

Out of his suitcase he takes a long package.  

"Look what came today, slave".

With a wicked grin, he pulls out the long handle of the branding iron.   On the end are the three letters of his initials. 

"Guess what we are doing early tomorrow morning?"

I tremble, but am too tired to be kept awake long by the thought of it.  Instead, I dream of sizzling heat and pain.   



  1. Wow! Sounds like a great night for both of you!!!

  2. I also missed that this was a story until you next post! Haha on me. However, I really liked the story and I get your sir did also. In fact, if I were you I would be on the lookout for both the things written about in this post!

    1. Oh well, I tried to make it obvious that it was fiction, but then the writing itself turned out so much like life, it was kind hard for me to make it too unrealistic.


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