Friday, October 25, 2013

New Rule

You don't know until you ask, right?  I probably should have asked first, but I didn't.  Instead I acted first and then asked if it was ok later.   
What did I do?  Well, I did have permission to masturbate while he has been gone this week, and I did, but I was feeling a little squirrelly- like I wanted a little something more, I guess.   So a couple of times I took the cane and whacked myself in the thigh with it 3 or 4 strikes.   It pushed me right over the edge.  But later on, while messaging with Master at lunch time today, I asked if this were ok and he said NO.  

So, I felt quite abashed, and embarrassed that I hadn't thought to ask FIRST, then I wrote the new rule down in my journal.  "NO whacking self with things".   

I am soooo excited about this weekend.  We are going to a kinky Halloween party Saturday, and I might be able to play with a couple other doms.   I hope Master will have time to play with me also since he has some things planned with others as well.   Either way, we will get to spend lots of time together and that will be wonderful! 


  1. Have fun at that party! Daddy and i are having a dress up party that isn't kinky although we are dressing at Jeannie and Major Nelson perhaps the most popularised of Master/slave relationships xx

    1. That is a great idea! I looked for a Jeannie costume I liked last year, but never did find one. Some day though at Halloween I will get one, or make one. This year I was a Roman hooker.

  2. Enjoy the party & the rest of the weekend!

  3. Replies
    1. It was great fun! I'll be writing soon I think.


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